June 24, 2022  |  News

STEM Excellence Award for ABHS

For the second year in a row, Adelaide Botanic High School has been announced an excellence awardee in the Australian Education Awards 2022, this time in the category of Best STEM Program.

This award recognises the most outstanding STEM-based project or education program implemented by an Australian school and considers criteria such as demonstrated leadership and high standards of teaching, as well as evidence of student engagement and outcomes.

With a robust curriculum that is delivered by a highly skilled teaching team, STEM learning is firmly embedded across all year levels at ABHS and in everything the school does, from the curriculum to the extracurricular. This learning provides a way of thinking about the world that benefits students in far reaching ways, allowing them to build contemporary skills to actively find and solve new and complex challenges.

While the curriculum expertise of ABHS staff is important, the school also places high value on the cultural fit of applicants to ensure new staff will thrive in an environment where norms are constantly being challenged.

“Staff who apply to work at ABHS understand the expectation that they should be doing education differently, pushing boundaries and daring to try new things in a highly supportive environment. This can often require some ‘un-learning’ of old mindsets, so new staff are encouraged to be creative and challenge what has been done before,” said Theo Papazoglov, STEM Math/Science and Innovative Pedagogy Leader at ABHS.

In addition to the learning that happens within the school, student learning experiences are enriched by active engagement with nearby university neighbours, cultural institutions, local government and industry, particularly Lot Fourteen and the University of Adelaide.

We believe that through STEM, today’s students will have the opportunity to shape tomorrow’s world and considering that STEM-focused careers are often referred to as the jobs of the future, offering as much diversity as they do opportunity, students have every chance for success at school and beyond through ABHS’ immersive curriculum.

“This award is an acknowledgement of our amazing STEM team, who have worked tirelessly to provide the best experience possible for ABHS students,” confirmed Daniel Seymour, STEM Technologies Leader.

In August this year ABHS will go up against seven other excellence awardees from around Australia for the top place in the Best STEM Program category. Winners will be announced at the awards gala in Sydney.

The Australian Education Awards are recognised as the leading independent awards in the K-12 education sector and showcase the top-performing schools and individuals for their outstanding achievements and transformative work.


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