Adelaide Botanic High School provides a dynamic learning environment for every student.

Our Purpose

Our students are prepared for the future, equipped with the knowledge, skills and attributes to thrive. Our guiding values of Community, Curiosity and Excellence are the building blocks of our unique DNA.

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Our Aspirations

Collaborative, challenging and enjoyable learning experiences.

We aspire to always know our ‘why?’ to give meaning to all that we do. The descriptive words “collaborative”, “challenging”, and “enjoyable”, directly reflect our guiding values. We are trying to create a sense of the learner experience at Adelaide Botanic High School, and what it feels like to be a part of our school community. Here students and staff can describe their experience, in a place where they feel safe, supported and noticed.

We are creating a place to be.


Inside and out, Adelaide Botanic High School’s architecture of learning is unrecognisable from what came before.

With research underpinning every innovation, our guiding values of Community, Curiosity and Excellence are the building blocks of our unique DNA. Each element of the student’s learning experience is designed to present them with a virtual tour of the education and workplace landscapes they will inhabit. So as our graduates fall into future step at full speed, they are equipped with the knowledge, adaptability, and resilience to thrive.

Core Values

Making today’s learning count in tomorrow’s workplace.

The infinite opportunities of the future will be the proving grounds of nimble young minds. So as parents and educators, we owe it to our young people to equip them today with the knowledge, skills and attributes they will need to thrive tomorrow.

ABHS DNA - Values - Community


Investing in our people and relationships is a powerful agent for change.

While our staff and students come from far and wide, they come together with a true sense of pride and belonging – both in themselves and their school. This ensures our future leaders are part of a community that fosters a culture of learning, support and acceptance.

dna curiosity robotic arm


By building on students’ natural curiosities, innovation is inevitable.

By encouraging young people’s natural curiosities, and granting independence and opportunities to share, we stimulate their thirst for exploration and knowledge. With this sense of wonder ignited, their only limits are the bounds of the imagination.

ABHS DNA excellence


Everyone is capable of growth and can be extraordinary.

When we look to young people, we see boundless potential. By instilling in them the feeling of limitlessness, we broaden the realms of academic possibility. Because we look at more than results, we look at how we can better Adelaide, South Australia and each other.

Adelaide Botanic High School - Architecture

Architecture / Built Form

Honouring the foundations of the past, we have taken the best of today and built upwards. Long before the first plan was drawn, we asked: how will our school building create dynamic learning for every student? The answer: through a meticulously researched, purpose-built environment where the architecture informs and enhances each child’s learning experience.

Adelaide Botanic High School - Location


Our students only need to step outside to explore beautiful gardens, museums, the Adelaide Zoo and the State Library of South Australia. From the heart of Adelaide’s cultural, education and business precinct, our students learn as members of an inspiring community of creatives, entrepreneurs and visionary thinkers.