Meet The Principal

Alistair Brown

We look to tomorrow’s expectations to inform today’s learning.

As an educator and leader for more than 35 years, and a father for almost as long, I understand there are few decisions in life as important as the choice of school for your child. As parents, we want our children to grow up to be healthy, capable adults; adaptable, resilient and prepared for life beyond school.

At Adelaide Botanic High School, we will guide them there by embracing their curiosity, and granting them independence and opportunities to collaborate. Then, we will look on with pride as they give back to their communities and the planet in meaningful ways.

As foundation Principal of Adelaide Botanic High School, I am thrilled to lead an educational flagship for South Australia. From day one, our students are immersed in a futures-focused learning environment. Their passions are ignited as they find connections with the real-world creativity and inspiration that pulses around our inner-city cultural precinct. Our hand-selected teachers are building skills and understanding and stirring ingenuity through innovative research-based learning. Individuality is celebrated and potential realised across every discipline. And tomorrow’s leaders will emerge, ready to embrace new challenges.

We are excited to share our approach to futures-focused learning with you.

Adelaide Botanic High School - Principal - Alistair Brown