Moving to a new school can be both an exciting and challenging time for students and parents.

Make the best possible start

The staff and students at Adelaide Botanic High School understand that the move from Primary School to Secondary School is a significant milestone. That's why the whole school community is involved in welcoming students and helping them transition to their new school.

The process of applying for Secondary School begins when students are in their final year of Primary School and is facilitated by the Department for Education’s statewide transition process. Once this transition process has been completed and students have been advised of their successful enrolment at Adelaide Botanic High School, they are guided through a special transition program designed to make them feel known and welcomed into the school community as quickly as possible.

ABHS - School Zone - small

School Zone

Adelaide Botanic High School has a single shared zone with Adelaide High School. During the Department for Education’s statewide transition process, parents living within the zone nominate their preferred city high school.

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ABHS - Transition to High School

Enrolling at ABHS

Students applying for Secondary School during the department’s statewide transition process must meet certain requirements.

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Adelaide Botanic High School - Selective Entry

Selective Entry

Adelaide Botanic High School offers a special entry Health and Sciences (STEM) Pathways Program to families from all over South Australia, regardless of their residential address. Places are allocated to students through an application process managed by the school.

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Transition into high school

School Transition

Adelaide Botanic High School provides a tailored program of events and structures designed to alleviate parent and student concerns associated with starting Secondary School. Students and families are provided with opportunities to connect to the school community and prepare them for what awaits at ABHS.

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Materials and Services Charges

Materials and Services Charge

The Materials and Services Charge (school fees) is set in conjunction with the School Council. The school provides payment options to assist families in situations of financial hardship.

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ABHS Uniform - small

School Uniform

The Adelaide Botanic High School uniform reflects the contemporary nature of the school. The uniform plays an important role in creating a sense of identity among students and the community whilst also supporting the safety and wellbeing of our students.

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