Creating a sense of identity

The Adelaide Botanic High School uniform reflects the contemporary nature of the school. It plays an important role in creating a sense of identity among students and the community whilst also supporting the safety and wellbeing of our students.

Uniform Fittings
ABHS - Uniform - small

Uniform items

The range of proven uniform selections have been designed to allow students flexibility of choice in terms of what they wear in varying weather conditions, with no specified summer or winter items.

All items are available in unisex, boys’ or girls’ styles and sizings and may be worn as appropriate for weather conditions and personal needs.


School dress (and skirt)

Length no more than 10cm above the knee.

Sports uniform

For PE or sport activities only.

The PE uniform is compulsory and consists of a polo shirt and shorts. It is to be worn only for PE lessons, sporting events and other occasions as designated appropriate by the school. Sports shoes and socks are not prescribed, but shoes must have non-marking soles.

Puffer vest

To be worn over a shirt or dress, not on its own.


Worn as an everyday item or with the tie and shirt tucked in for formal occasions.


To be worn over a shirt or dress, not on its own.

Short/long sleeved shirt

To be worn with pants, shorts or skirt with or without a tie.

School socks

Black or white ABHS socks with green band, calf-length.

Alternatives to the AHBS socks are not part of the approved school uniform.

Pants (2 styles)

Tailored, charcoal with side pockets and logo.


All black leather lace up school shoes or girls T-bar shoe with a defined low heel. These styles comply with the WHS safety
requirements to access all learning spaces within the school. Boots or all black sneakers are not permitted. Shoes are to be worn with the school socks only, black or white.

Shorts (2 styles)

Tailored, charcoal with side pockets and logo.

Uniform fittings

Please contact Campus School & College Wear to make a fitting appointment for your child and to find out current trading hours during term.

For fitting appointments during November-January, bookings must be made online using the link below.

Address: Shop 3, 54-56 Grange Road (opposite Chemist King), Welland SA 5007