School Council

Strengthening and supporting public education

The role of the School Council is to provide advice to the Principal with the goal of strengthening and supporting public education in the community.

The School Council at Adelaide Botanic High School meets regularly and works together with the Principal to help set and monitor the direction of the school.

In their role on the School Council, members work with the Principal to:

  • Involve the local community.
  • Develop and approve local policies.
  • Set the broad direction and vision of the site.
  • Monitor and review the site improvement plan.
  • Be the employing authority of some services, including the canteen.

More broadly, the Principal and the School Council work together to:

  • Provide educational leadership.
  • Carry out the site’s policies.
  • Carry out the site improvement plan.

The School Council comprises seven parent members who each serve a term of two years. Prior to the ABHS Annual General Meeting, parents are invited to nominate for a position on the School Council.

The applications are presented at the AGM, after which the positions are decided by a vote of the parent attendees at the meeting. The selection process considers the skills and experience that best meet the needs of the School Council.

All parents are invited to attend the AGM and are eligible to vote for the School Council members.

To contact the School Council please send an email to