Connect Groups

Learning Community

Adelaide Botanic High School is a coherent learning community that promotes student and staff wellbeing, safety and positive relationships so that everyone can reach their potential.

The Adelaide Botanic High School Connect and Studio One programs align with the Adelaide Botanic High School Wellbeing Framework and nurture self-directed learning, student wellbeing and learner resilience, while addressing the Department for Education Learner Wellbeing Framework and mandated programs such as Bullying and Harassment, Child Protection, Protective Practices, and Cyber Safety, to promote a true sense of community and belonging.

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Connect Groups

Connect Groups are an integral part of creating a feeling of community at Adelaide Botanic High School and supporting the development of the young people within each group.

Connect Group teachers are expected to promote the school’s DNA, specifically in creating an authentic and supportive community, by providing a high level of care and guidance to students and being the first point of contact for families if they are seeking information about their child’s learning, attendance, behaviour and wellbeing.

ABHS - Student Life - Connect Groups

Engage in opportunities

The time allocated to Connect Group every day is specifically designed to give students a positive start each morning and to engage in opportunities which support their transition, learning and wellbeing.

Studio One Program

Each week, all students participate in Studio One which has an intense focus on wellbeing, safety and being a part of Adelaide Botanic High School and the wider community. This is a developmental program that supports students as they move through the school. Students work closely with their Connect teacher who explicitly teaches them during Studio One.

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