Student Leadership

SYNERGY leadership program

Adelaide Botanic High School’s dynamic student leadership program, SYNERGY, provides a vehicle to nurture the next visionaries, change makers, and revolutionaries.

The SYNERGY leadership program challenges and supports students to explore their leadership potential in a community minded environment and embraces the school’s values – Curiosity, Community and Excellence – giving students a strong base to build their leadership experience.

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Developing young leaders

Our student leaders can expect to be supported to be part of something bigger than themselves, shaping their own unique leadership journey as they move within the three strands of the program:


ENDEAVOUR is an entry level strand designed to nurture and grow a capacity of adaptable and resilient leaders. Our Endeavour participants emerge as dreamers, great leaders, visionaries.


ADVOCACY takes participants to the next stage in the SYNERGY experience. It is designed to create strong advocates representing all students. Our Advocacy participants transcend as nimble innovators, agile thinkers, change makers.


UNITE is the pinnacle of the SYNERGY journey. Here our emerging leaders adopt a unifying role to support collective decision making. They are ambitious about what they can achieve and see the bigger picture. Our Unite participants go the distance and leave a legacy.

ABHS - Student Leadership - SYNERGY

Exploring leadership potential

When Endeavour, Advocacy and Unite come together they produce an effect far greater than the sum of the individual elements. SYNERGY.

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Where does the SYNERGY journey begin?

We are excited to hear from aspiring student leaders.

Students interested in applying for the SYNERGY program are asked to complete the application process during Term 1, which includes the creation of a two-minute video and short written piece in response to the question, “What makes an awesome leader?”

If successful, participants begin their SYNERGY journey by undertaking Workshop 1. To continue in the program, participants commit to completing SYNERGY Studios each term to develop their leadership capacity.

More information about SYNERGY is provided during the transition process prior to commencement at the school.