Transition from Primary School

Make the best possible start

At Adelaide Botanic High School we know the move from Primary School to Secondary School is a significant milestone and so supporting students and families make the best possible start at Adelaide Botanic High School drives our successful Primary – Secondary School Transition Program.

Moving to a new school can be both an exciting and challenging time for students and parents. In recognition of this, the transition program has been specifically designed to make students feel known and welcomed as quickly as possible. With tailored events and structures, we are confident that many of the anxieties associated with starting secondary school are alleviated as students and families are provided with opportunities to connect to the school community and prepare them for what awaits at ABHS.

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ABHS Open Day

Showcase Evening

The Showcase Evening provides prospective families with the opportunity to explore the school and seek answers to questions they may have before enrolling their child through the Department for Education enrolment process.

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ABHS Welcome Days

Welcome Days

During Term 4, enrolling students have the opportunity to experience what it looks like to be a student at Adelaide Botanic High School. They spend time onsite getting to know their teachers and make new friends. The Welcome Days are designed to provide students with the opportunity to begin forming relationships with their teachers and peers, as well as becoming familiar with our school environment and curriculum.


Take the next step

Starting Well at ABHS

Parents of students who are offered a position at Adelaide Botanic High School are invited to join us for our Start Well Information Evening.

This is to provide families with further information about the school and support them in enabling their child to ‘start well’ at ABHS the following year.

During the evening, staff share information about:

  • Learning at ABHS
  • What to expect on the Welcome Days and the first weeks of Term 1
  • Inclusive education and wellbeing
  • Student life
  • Communication
  • Uniform
  • 1:1 Laptop Program

Orientation Walks

Our Orientation Walks, held early in Term 4, provide an opportunity to welcome families to our school community and support further connection to the school environment. The walks provide a chance for families to experience our approach to learning and the opportunities that are available as part of the school community.

Once students arrive at Adelaide Botanic High School, we continue to focus on the development of strong connections within the school.

ABHS - Student Life - Connect Groups

Connect Groups

Connect Groups are an integral part of creating a feeling of community at Adelaide Botanic High School and supporting the development of the young people within each group.

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ABHS DNA Action Day

DNA Action Days

During the first weeks of Term 1, students participate in DNA Action Days with their Connect Groups and get involved in challenging activities that build leadership and teamwork skills. This focused time spent with their Connect Groups gives students an opportunity to build new and lasting friendships and create a sense of belonging as they undertake activities together offsite.

Swimming Carnival

In the first few weeks of school students participate in the whole school Swimming Carnival.

The Swimming Carnival creates a sense of team spirit and community as students participate in a series of events, including novelty activities for those not so confident with racing. The day has a positive effect on the relationships of students within our six houses and helps create a sense of belonging.

“On our first week of school, we were all so nervous! It was a new environment for everyone, including the teachers, but something that really helped was our Swimming Carnival! It allowed us to make friendships and meet people we hadn’t already got to know. It built a really positive house environment and allowed us to spend a day in the sun, away from the stresses of the first week. It was something that really eased us into life at ABHS.”

Sports Day

Held at the SA Athletics Stadium, the ABHS Sports Day provides another chance for students to showcase their sense of community. The whole school participates with a range of activities being enjoyed. All students exhibit their competitive spirit and best sportspersonship making the day a spectacular event!

ABHS - Student Leadership - SYNERGY

Student Leadership

New students starting at the school are given the opportunity to be part of the ABHS Student Leadership Team, SYNERGY. The SYNERGY program nurtures a capacity of young leaders and provides an authentic student voice within the school.

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Adelaide Botanic High School - Evening to connect

An Evening to Connect

Held early in Term 1, this is an opportunity for parents of students to meet with Connect teachers as well as take a tour of the school led by their own child. The evening provides the chance for students to showcase their learning and how they use spaces within the school and also supports a strong connection with families and Connect Group teachers.