Global Perspectives

Understanding different identities and perspectives

Through an interdisciplinary approach Global Perspectives enhances the study of languages, English, History, Geography, Business and Enterprise and Civics and Citizenship all underpinned by a strong focus on literacy. Students will develop an understanding of different identities and perspectives expressed in oral, written and multimedia texts. They will gain an awareness of self as a member of interconnected and overlapping communities and how this influences responses to global issues.

There is an emphasis on taking students out into the local precinct as well as bringing guests and experts into the school to work with students. Learning across disciplines takes place in context. For example, when students are learning about refugees and asylum seekers as part of their study of Civics and Citizenship, they are reading novels on the same topic and completing English essays as well as infographics as part of Geography and developing their research skills for History.

Whilst Inquiry and Project Based Learning form the basis of many of the units there is a strong emphasis on subject specific disciplinary learning delivered in targeted lessons.

Through the study of Global Perspectives students develop the ability to work collaboratively, think creatively and challenge assumptions that affect the world they live in. Moving into the Senior Years students will have developed the skills and abilities necessary to be successful should they choose to specialise in any of subjects within English, Languages and Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) at SACE level. Subjects such as Legal Studies, Business, Politics and History equip students for career pathways in areas such as law, politics, journalism, teaching, tourism, business, economics and media.

Global Perspectives in the Middle Years

To understand how students in the Middle Years are prepared for success in their Senior Years and beyond, click on the link below to watch the video.

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Languages at ABHS

As part of Global Perspectives, all students are given the opportunity to study a language other than English. The languages offered to students at Adelaide Botanic High School are Chinese, French and Japanese. Prior study in these languages in not required.