Lifestyle Choices

Understanding issues that affect health and wellbeing

As our lives become increasingly busier and technology continues to evolve, the need for making informed decisions that improve and maintain our personal health and wellbeing increases. Lifestyle Choices supports this education and incorporates the areas of physical education and sport analytics, health, fitness, outdoor education, and food technology.

Throughout the Middle Years, students engage in a wide range of practical and theoretical activities to increase their understanding of the issues that affect their and others’ health and wellbeing, and further develop their skills and movement patterns. Activities include, but are not limited to, sport, cooking, presentations, game design, research, excursions and video creation and analysis. Independent learning and group work occurs through participation in these activities both within the classroom and the wider community.

Moving into the Senior Years, students will have developed a toolbox of skills that equip them to be able to further pursue subjects that are of interest to them. Students with a  strong interest in the disciplines of Lifestyle Choices will be able to select from subjects such as Physical Education, Sport and Recreation, Sports Science, Food and Hospitality, Health, Nutrition, Outdoor Education and Child Studies. All of these subjects provide students the opportunity to master content and develop lifelong skills that will hold them in good stead as they forge forward in their chosen post-school pathways.

Lifestyle Choices in the Middle Years

To understand how students studying Lifestyle Choices in the Middle Years are prepared for success in their Senior Years and beyond, click on the link below to watch the video.

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