Our Charter

The student experience

Adelaide Botanic High School’s Charter provides the direction and framework for creating the student experience.

The Charter clearly articulates our purpose, the values that form the building blocks of our DNA, and our aspirations for the way we work together and what we aim to achieve through teaching and learning at Adelaide Botanic High School.

We focus on ‘living’ our approaches, creating dialogue around them, and developing consistent expectations for ourselves and each other. The Charter describes our approach to designing learning within a coherent framework that encompasses Wellbeing, Learning Design, and Pedagogy, with a commitment by all staff to Collaborative Professionalism to achieve this.

Aspirations for teaching and learning

Our aspirations for teaching and learning, as evidenced in the behaviours, actions and dialogue of our staff and students, are to:

  1. Provide collaborative, challenging and enjoyable learning experiences.
  2. Adopt an innovative approach to curriculum.
  3. Keep futures-focused capabilities at the forefront of learning.
  4. Provide opportunities to purposefully connect learning.
  5. Provide access to highly skilled teachers who genuinely care.
  6. Capture quality feedback to enhance learning and growth.
  7. Build sustainable relationships and practices that matter.

The Charter is the first point of reference for our actions, policy development and professional development and is continuously reviewed by staff to ensure the school is being responsive to the needs of students.