Middle Years at ABHS

Embarking on the transition to high school is a big step for students and their families and at Adelaide Botanic High School, there is a strong focus on ensuring that this transition is as smooth and successful as possible for everyone involved.

From the outset, it’s important to understand how ABHS does things differently. Traditionally, the eight Australian Curriculum subjects have been taught separately with little connection between them. At ABHS, the Australian Curriculum subjects are taught in four purposefully connected learning areas: Global Perspectives, Lifestyle Choices, STEM and The Arts.

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To help families understand how students engage in the four learning areas at Adelaide Botanic High School during the Middle Years, the team have created some short videos which can be viewed below. And to learn more about the key elements of the transition process and how new students are welcomed into the school, scroll further down the page to view the high school transition videos – from a teacher and a student perspective.

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Learning Areas

Global Perspectives

Lifestyle Choices


The Arts

Making the Transition to High School

Transition to High School

Student Perspective