Personal Learning Plan

Planning for their future

The Personal Learning Plan (PLP) helps students build career development skills required to plan for their future and navigate transition points across their lives. These are applied in the context of them developing “informed decision making” in choosing the subjects they will study in Years 11 and 12.

The PLP is a compulsory Stage 1 subject, normally undertaken at Year 10.

Topics covered include:

  • Goal setting
  • Skill identification and communication
  • Planning and decision-making skills
  • Self-reflection and evaluation

The topics covered during the PLP help students to:

  • Understand the capabilities
  • Develop their selected capability or capabilities
  • Identify, explore, develop, refine, and review their personal and learning goals
  • Build skills to manage transition and “informed decision making”

Assessment of the PLP includes a folio and review process, which enable students to demonstrate their learning in the Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan.

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