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Attending ABHS


From the 2019 school year, Adelaide Botanic High School will have a single shared zone with Adelaide High School, allowing parents within the zone to nominate their preferred city high school.

The website address for Adelaide Botanic High School is https://abhs.sa.edu.au

The website address for Adelaide High School is http://www.adelaidehs.sa.edu.au

Adelaide Botanic High School and Adelaide High School will have a single shared zone, and has the zone description of:

The area bounded by the corner of Greenhill Road and Fullarton Road, heading west on Greenhill Road to the Glenelg tramline, turning left and following the tramline to East Avenue Forestville, south on East Avenue to Cross Road, west on Cross Road, north on Winifred Avenue, Beckman Street, Gray Street, the suburb of Kurralta Park bounded by Daly Street (both sides), Garfield Avenue, turning north on McArthur Avenue; turning left on Tennyson Street, heading north on Grove Avenue, Brooker Terrace, Bagot Avenue, crossing to Jervois Street north to River road, turning east along the Torrens River, north on South Road, to Croydon meeting the railway line, turning right along the railway line, east across to Wood Avenue, left on Hawker Street, turning east on Blight Street, right onto Torrens Road, north on Exeter Terrace along the railway line, Livingstone Avenue (both sides), the southern side of Angwin Avenue, Henrietta Street (both sides), right on Main North Road, the suburb of Nailsworth bounded by First Avenue (both sides) and western side of Howard Street, turning east to North Street (both sides) and following a straight line across Galway Avenue to North East Road, western side of Landsdowne Terrace, south west along the Torrens River, turning left on Winchester Street, right on Payneham Road, east on Wheaton Road, left on Olive Road, north on Frederick Street, east on Janet Street, to Portrush Road, turning south to Magill Road, North Terrace, turning south on Dequetteville Terrace, south on Fullarton Road to corner of Greenhill Road.

Please also find the following link to the zone map for the schools.


Please note: unless the zone description specifies ‘both sides’ the default is ‘bounded by’ and the middle of the street is where the zone separates.

Although families living in the zone can nominate to attend either school, where demand from families living in the shared zone exceeds places available, students will be shared between the two schools if necessary. There will be a limit in the number of students able to gain entry who live outside of the shared zone.

Enrolment criteria for year 8

Year 7 students wishing to apply for the schools during the year 7-8 transition process must meet one of the following requirements:

  • The child is living in the shared school zone of Adelaide Botanic High School and Adelaide High School
  • The child has received and accepted an offer for enrolment from one of the schools to participate in a special interest program
  • The child identifies as Aboriginal through the Enter for Success Program
  • The child is currently under the care of the Minister.

When demand from families living in the shared zone exceeds places available, consideration will be given to:

  • students with siblings currently at the school
  • distance from the child’s home to the school
  • social and family links to the school
  • curriculum options only available at the preferred school (excluding special interest programs), and transportation and location convenience

After the year 7-8 transition process is completed, the enrolment process returns to normal and the schools will make every attempt to accommodate and share enrolments in the zone.


Initially, Adelaide High School and Adelaide Botanic High School will continue to offer special interest programs to families from all over South Australia, regardless of their residential address.

Adelaide Botanic High School will have a special entry process for their health and science pathway while Adelaide High School has their specialist programs in languages, cricket and rowing.

The entry process for these special interest programs generally occur in term 1 of the year prior to starting at the school.

Places will be allocated to students through an application process managed by each school.


As the demand from the new school is relatively unknown, the two schools will continue the current enrolment criteria of no sibling claims for families living outside of the zone.

Your child may have a younger sibling who will be eligible to enrol once the expanded shared zone takes effect in 2019, however, upper year levels will not be able to transfer high schools unless there is a vacancy

Progressive enrolments

Adelaide Botanic High School will open in 2019 and will have progressive enrolments. This means:

  • 2019 – year levels 8 and 9
  • 2020 – year levels 8, 9 and 10
  • 2021 – year levels 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • 2022 – year levels 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.*

Aside from the once-off year 9 intake process at Adelaide Botanic High School in 2019, applications for enrolment will be for those students starting high school (ie year 8).

Other year levels will be encouraged to remain at their current high school or directed to a neighbouring school, and if requested be placed on the schools’ enrolment register for if a vacancy becomes available.

*    The Government has committed to transition year 7 to high school by 2022. 

For information as it is available, please refer to https://www.education.sa.gov.au/sites-and-facilities/year-7-high-school

When to enrol

You can register interest in your child attending one of the high schools through the year 7 to 8 transition process.

This process generally runs between April and May the year prior to your child starting high school (year 7 in South Australia).

When the process opens each year, all public primary school students will have the forms (ED176) and information distributed to them by their primary school.

If your child attends a non-public school, you will be able to download forms from the sa.gov.au website or collect a transition pack from the high school or local education office.


The once-off year 9 intake for the Adelaide Botanic High School is currently being managed and coordinated by the school.

Registration of interest is through the Adelaide Botanic High School website https://abhs.sa.edu.au.

However, final offers for enrolment will occur towards the end of term 2, 2018.

Student Services


The school is designed for students and staff to make use of the available public transport such as train, tram, bus and we encourage cycling and walking to school.

The basement has bicycle storage for 170 bikes with service equipment. Students need to bring their own bike lock. Extra spaces are available adjacent to the outdoor terraces.

Students will be provided with a locker for storage of personal items.
A ‘kiss and drop’ zone is being constructed on Frome Road for south travelling traffic.


A school managed laptop will be purchased through a co-contribution program between the families and school; this will be a high-end device, set-up to connect to the school network and access to a wide variety of programs and applications to support learning. An IT service team will be available with their own direct email.


A uniform is currently under development. Costs will be comparable with our shared zone high school. A range of options will be available to suit student needs in a CBD school. There will be suitable uniform items available to wear to and from school over the school year to suit all weather conditions and not involve a seasonal change-over.

Uniforms will be available for purchase online and instore during term 4, 2018. The store will be located within or close to the CBD allowing for opportunities of fittings prior to purchase.


A café with a wide range of food options will be open before school and during break times. An on-line ordering system will be available for student and parent convenience.

The school has several ‘heat and eat’ zones located on each level of the building for students to be able to heat their own foods.


School fees are set in conjunction with the school council. During term 3, when a school council is formed a process will be run to set the school fees in consultation with its community members. The school fees will be comparable to the shared zone school. There will be payment options available for school fees to assist in situations of financial hardship. It is important that you make contact with the school to discuss your individual needs.

Learning @ ABHS


The school will deliver the full Australian curriculum in years 8 – 12, including SACE subjects catering for a diverse range of student pathways.
The school is planning for partnerships to connect staff, facilities and programs offered by the universities within our precinct to enhance student learning and opportunities.


Students will be able to access a full music curriculum at the school and continue to study an instrument through Instrumental Music Services and private providers.


The Health and Sciences (STEM) Pathways program, available from year 10, will provide a unique set of opportunities for students with an interest in pursuing studies within STEM; this may include mentoring by specifically selected and qualified school, university and industry staff.


In 2019, Japanese, Chinese and French will be offered to year 8 and 9 students. All year 8 students will undertake a language.


The school is a member of the Secondary Schools Sports Association and will encourage student participation across a range of sports. Students will also have the benefit of accessing specialist sporting facilities within the CBD.


All students will be provided with opportunities to achieve their potential from year 8 through to 12. Students with identified special needs will be catered for according to the guidelines under which all DECD schools operate.

For more information about how schools may cater for students with a disability http://www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-and-learning/curriculum-and- learning/learning-plans/.



The Welcome Days will provide students with an opportunity to come into the school, to be given a personal welcome and to get a feel for their new school environment.
It is at this time, that they will get a true taste of what it means to be part of the Adelaide Botanic High School community and will work closely with teachers and students that they see again when they begin at the school in 2019.

The Welcome Days will be held in term 4, 2018.


The DNA Action Day builds on new friendships starting to be formed at the beginning of the school year. A full day is set aside in term 1 to help students develop a different way of connecting with their peers outside of the school environment, where they will participate in a range of team building activities.

This is also a great opportunity for the school to support every student in developing strong and lasting friendships.


The school will be seeking nominations from interested students this year, to take part in the unique opportunity to form our very first student leadership team. Nomination forms will be included in the ‘welcome packs’ distributed after enrolments have been processed. This will be the case for both government and all independent schools.

Having students form a leadership team this year will provide the chance for student leaders to have an authentic voice in developing the school from the ground up. Not only will these students have the opportunity to help shape and design many key elements in establishing the new school, they will also act as roles models, and core leaders within the school when students arrive in 2019.


For more information contact: